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 S. Revolt: The Return of the Society.

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PostSubject: S. Revolt: The Return of the Society.   Sat Feb 20, 2010 7:02 am

In the year 20XX, society has turned into a Utopian like state. People are healthy, happy and carefree. Technology has advanced in strides to better the lives of everyone, such as holograms, solid vision, efficient energy sources, etc. Little do they know it is all because of the Society; a secret organization who controls everything, from politics to the ever popular Duel Monsters. At first they may seem like benevolent group, however they rule with an iron fist.

There are a few known facts about the Society. For one thing, it is controlled by one unknown man, but most of the orders come from the Arch Lords, 6 individuals who control branches of the Society. each branch includes either Politics, Media, Military, Schools and Law. They had complete control over every aspect of everyone's lives. Anyone and anything they perceive as a threat to society or themselves, they capture, reform or destroy. If someone tries to advertise new political ideas, they will be censored. If someone shows signs of becoming violent, he is taken in to undergo forced behavioral alterations. It is said that the Society's history dates back to ancient times, when everything was decided in a battle between two opposing forces using monsters and magic. To this day, the Society follows that code to decide conflicts through dueling.

There is a group who knows of the Society’s existence, called the Resistance. The Resistance is trying to overthrow the Society and obtain true freedom. Their only method of doing this is by dueling because despite their advances and superior force, all members of the Society follow a set of code, where if they lose in a duel, they must obey the winner’s request. However, if someone loses to a Society member, they would be captured to undergo behavioral readjustment, brainwashed to join their ranks or worse, destroyed.

One day the Society abruptly left without a word or trace, rumors went throughout the City that they left to find new recruits or to gather their strength to completely change the world to how they envision it. During that time, Chaos broke out over the control of the City and there were many casualties, even the Resistance was overwhelmed and were forced to go into hiding. The City turned Chaotic, even a simple walk down the street was a constant struggle to be safe.

Rumors sprang up about the Society returning to the City to reclaim their so called "Peace". The City suddenly started to calm down over the rumors of the Society's return, the Resistance started to make their move too by recruiting more members and getting ready for the Society's return, there were also reports of Society bases appearing all around the City and only certain people were allowed to enter.

The story begins with a Resistance spy entering a secret meeting between certain Powerful men in the City one of which was a Society Arch Lord also spying in on the meeting...
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S. Revolt: The Return of the Society.
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