The Shadows Within

Everyone has a dark half. It's just what you do with it that counts.
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 Aden - Advanced Dueling Examination Nonbeing

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PostSubject: Aden - Advanced Dueling Examination Nonbeing   Aden - Advanced Dueling Examination Nonbeing I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 27, 2010 10:03 pm

Name: Advanced Dueling Examination Nonbeing - Aden
Age: To be determined.

Appearance: Aden - Advanced Dueling Examination Nonbeing

Bio: The cat looked like a cat; it walked like a cat; and it dueled like a cat. Wait. What? This certainly isn't any random alley-cat that you can pick up off of the street. This is Aden ( The Advanced Dueling Examination Nonbeing), a machine created and designed by Alexander Nash, a mad scientist- not necessarily angry nor necessarily insane. He was made to be able to duel and communicate with its surroundings; fully-equipped with an AI system that would educate it. Unless otherwise noted, the machine is made as a male, but, hey, Alexander Nash is a mad scientist, so maybe he made a hermaphrodite dueling cat robot. He could walk on his hind legs like a human and on all-fours like a cat. He talks like a young child because he's a newly created AI creation, so it makes sense. Or does it? DAMN YOU LOGIC!

Deck Type: There are two types of decks that Aden likes to play. The two, however, contrast in playing style altogether. One of them focuses on one monster to completely demolish his opponents. This is a powerful Jester Lord deck, that focuses on Jester Lord's incredible power and the deck's incredible flexibility in terms of spells and traps. The other deck, however, focuses on several cards to completely lockdown the opponent's plays. This deck implicates barriers to protect Aden's life points and uses monsters with negating effects to ruin the opponent's strategies. In a way, both decks allow Aden to study and examine the way others duel.
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Aden - Advanced Dueling Examination Nonbeing
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