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 Rules for RP Dueling.

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Rules for RP Dueling. Empty
PostSubject: Rules for RP Dueling.   Rules for RP Dueling. I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2010 8:12 am

Redkage’s Rules for a Successful and Fun Duel in a YGO RP

1. Avoid dueling yourself. This basically means that if you need or want to duel, instead of creating a character and writing about how he/she dueled against you, ask another player to create or play the enemy for you. This will make it much more interesting for not only you, but someone else as well. (This will be treated as more of a guideline. Try to not cause enough commotion by throwing off the RP; however, you can duel yourself and still have fun. I'm going to be the absolute lenient of this rule because it makes perfect sense for the RP to continue if the person is actually interested in partaking in the RP.)

2. Avoid interrupting another person’s duel. If you wish to interrupt for plot related purposes, you must ask the players if you may cause an interruption.

3. Do not Godmod. If you attack, do not immediately write that your monster destroys your opponent’s monsters. Give that choice up to your opponent, so he or she can choose to allow their monster to be destroyed or to respond. Same rule applies when activating the effects of spells and traps. Also, be willing to take hits. Do not constantly counter, or pull off one incredible move after another. It is much more fun when both people push each other back.

4. Play your own characters. Do not take control over another person’s character unless they allow you to for the sake of temporary convienence (Message from Ryu Kuze: It'll vary if the person is no longer interested in the RP, therefore, the person has to be "removed".)

5. Try to do your best. Put in your best effort per post. If you can only get to write a paragraph, then it is fine, but if you only write 2 or 3 sentences, it will upset the other players rather heavily. (Message from Ryu Kuze: This will probably be treated as a more of a guideline, since some people will probably have no idea if you need something to work with in order for a longer RP paragraph, that's fine. But, if it's repeating 2 or 3 sentences, then I will enforce it as a rule. (it really depends on a few factors) If you are not sure what I'm talking about, PM me (Ryu Kuze) and I'll go into more detail with you.)

6. You must immediately stab/shoot/burn Rainbow (or anyone who acts like a complete moron) on sight if he appears (Message from Ryu Kuze: I will temporary ban him if he does screw up a RP [a week]. If he does it again, it becomes a permanent ban or more strict temporary ban [time will vary].)
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Rules for RP Dueling.
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