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 RP suggestion box

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PostSubject: Re: RP suggestion box   Wed May 26, 2010 1:43 am

I had this story idea in real life and I noticed that RP has been dieing as of April-ish. Sooo, I was thinking, maybe I can theoretically kill two theoretical birds with one theoretical stone. I can propose my story idea as a RP idea and maybe I can examine how everybody reacts, to create an interesting plot and develop the other characters.

The story doesn't really have a name.

The story takes place in the King of Laiyiah (Sort of pronounced as 'liar,' but more like ' lie-ee-ah.') It is unwritten tradition and law that citizens who can find jobs to help their families and their kingdom prosper to get those jobs.

There is magical and scientific properties in this story. We can elaborate more on this later on, I guess. Things about elemental energy and stuff.

One sorta unique thing would be the 'Alters.' Alters are manifestations of the power within a person. The basic Alter comes in three forms: Offensive, Defensive, and Animal. Alters are sentient beings, though, so the way they are treated will ultimately affect their overall power. An Alter's master's personality and elemental attribute will also determine its overall strength. When an Alters dies, unfortunately, their form dematerializes until only a 'Heart' is left-over. This Heart is in essence, what made the Alter what it was and possesses some power within them.

Offensive: These Alters take on the form of an offensive weapon, such as swords, axes, hammers, maces, or lances. People who wield these kinds of Alters are generally timid, shy, or very gentle. Attributes associated with this type of Alter would be Fire, Earth, and Lightning.

Defensive: These Alters take on the form of a defensive tool, such as a shield, armor, or goggles. People who wield these kinds of Alters are generally hot-headed, muscular, or very aggressive. Attributes associated with this type of Alter would be Water, Wind, and Metal.

Animal: These Alters are rare amongst the three basic types of Alters. There are also two different types of Animal Alters. There are Animal Alters, who take on the shape of beasts, mythical or real. And then, there are Human Alters, who take on the shape of a human, making it almost difficult to tell if the Alter is actually an Alter or not. These Alters possess the special ability to momentarily change the shape of their body or a portion of their body to adapt to a situation, however, this only lasts a certain while and time differs between Alters, as the original form is often preferred. People who wield these kinds of Alters are just any kind of people. Attributes that are associated with the type of Alter would be any of the six basic elements.

So, originally, I wanted the main character to be an orphan known as Utoren K., who works at a noodle shop owned by 'Average' Joe 'The Man' Manlen. It was gonna be a comedy, yet also pry into the human psyche.
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PostSubject: Re: RP suggestion box   Wed May 26, 2010 3:19 am

Eh, you know...mind expanding it further and setting up a story thread so that it can be expanded?
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RP suggestion box
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