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PLEASE READ: If you notice me posting in your Beyond Character Bio, I'm just stating some thoughts for you to consider when you do Act I. ~ Ryu Kuze


 How to enter RP Profiles.

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How to enter RP Profiles. Empty
PostSubject: How to enter RP Profiles.   How to enter RP Profiles. I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2010 7:52 am

First off, you must be cleared to be in the RP before you can actually start posting.

Next, your character's Post should look like this:
Profile Skeleton

Name: xxxx
Age: xx
Appearance: xxxxxx
Bio: xxxxx
Deck Type: xxxxx

*Note* it doesnt have to be in this order.

Also for the Deck types, please try not to use Meta Decks or well-known deck types like Monarchs, Gadgets, Fish OTK, Chaos Decks, etc etc. we all want to enjoy this RP not make it into a real life Tournament.

Good Luck!
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How to enter RP Profiles.
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