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Everyone has a dark half. It's just what you do with it that counts.
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PostSubject: Re: Arch Lord Profiles   Arch Lord Profiles I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 28, 2009 8:28 pm

Name: Saya Ikuzuchi

Age: 25

Appearance: Standing at an average 5'7, Saya has long blond hair often tied in a pony tail with deep piercing blue eyes. She wears long blue jeans which completely cover her legs and a long white coat over a white blouse to completely cover her curvy figure. On her feet she wears brown Ugg boots with white ribbons on them. On the edge of her nose she wears small framed square glasses that do not completely cover her eyes. She always looks respectful and is always modest about her appearance.

Bio: Saya is the Arch Lord of the Schools of the Society and one of the more compassionate of the 6 Arch Lords. Before Saya joined the Society and became an Arch Lord she was a school teacher, because of her vast knowledge of the school system the other Arch Lords chose her for the job. Saya loved teaching so much that on her free time she still teaches at a school nearby the HQ. She often lectures the other Arch Lords which annoys them even though she means the best. Preferring to be behind the scenes and gathering information instead of causing trouble for the city she mostly works in the HQ.

Deck Type: Saya plays a light deck whose cards deal with teaching a lesson to her opponents.

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Arch Lord Profiles
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