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 Marionette: Introduction

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PostSubject: Marionette: Introduction   Marionette: Introduction I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 26, 2010 6:02 pm

Deadborder wrote:
Have you ever heard of the idea that the only thing you can prove with certainty is your own consciousness – that is, that everything else is simply a projection of your own mind? Or on a lesser scale, the world as you know it exists, but that what everyone knows to be the same, such as colors or objects, may actually be perceived differently by different individuals? Well, that's true...somewhat.

Recently it's been discovered that this different perception DOES exist, and that with some effort, this perception can be changed; technological advancements have only made this easier.

Some people have apparently become skilled enough to alter not only their own perceptions on a noticeable scale, but those of others as well through a combination of technology manipulation and the power of suggestion; in other words, they have become something the most skilled hypnotists can only aspire to become. Nothing short of human VR creators, these gifted, under the title of Trancers, have taken the world by storm – well, as far as we can tell...

Deadborder wrote:
With the power of communication (as well as other growing fields) as advanced as it is, the amount of ordinary people becoming substantially powerful Trancers is increasing, and with every miracle solution brought on by this hyper-placebo arises a host of new problems.

Naturally, this power has roused suspicion almost worldwide, and so a number of precautionary measures have arisen – namely a doctrine denoting “legal use” of Trance, devices to counter the technological aspect of Trance, and popular self-defense classes teaching the limits of Trancers and how to avoid them.

Though it may sound as though this world is one rife with suspicion and illusion - and on some level, it is - Trance for the most part is kept fairly in check and allows for a variety of recreational activity and medical advances. The only threat that is constantly on the surface here is what happens when a powerful Trancer uses that ability for less-than-savory means...

...and if such a person exists, when did they start?

Setting: Real World

Other comments: Hidden elements (I will not reveal them until enough interest is on this RP; therefore, as a result, it'll cause more suspension and that stuff. Just think of it as something to look forward to. (smiles))


Alright, my comments:

There will be "hidden" unknown variables to this RP. I prefer for you guys to be suprised by this and as a result, have fun. Regardless of circumstance, if you need to ask any questions, PM me.



1) If you godmod, I will ban you for a week. NO EXCEPTIONS.
2) Don't abuse your roles or powers in the RP. At times, you will be able to use said powers, but don't do it IN EVERY POST. If you start abusing your powers, I will ban you for 24 hours. NO EXCEPTIONS.
3) More rules will be added at a later date if more problems occur.
4) If you don't think your post would fall in these categories, PM me and I'll see if it's suitable. I'm trying to make this more interesting and fun.
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Marionette: Introduction
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