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Everyone has a dark half. It's just what you do with it that counts.
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 YGO! Destiny Stories Profile: Hiro Shinsaryu

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YGO! Destiny Stories Profile: Hiro Shinsaryu Empty
PostSubject: YGO! Destiny Stories Profile: Hiro Shinsaryu   YGO! Destiny Stories Profile: Hiro Shinsaryu I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 27, 2010 11:26 pm

Character's Name: Hiro Shinsaryu
Age: 22 years old
Gender: Male
YGO! Destiny Stories Profile: Hiro Shinsaryu NewProfilePic
Deck: Undetermined
Biography: Sustaining injury from an attack, Hiro lost his sight. However, fate has a twisted way of doing things.

Endless Void wrote:
While the shouting was going on in Red-Eyes Street, Hiro was laying down covered in blood. He started gasping for air, but no one was hearing the moans that came from his mouth. Muttering to himself, all he could see was nothing but black. Realizing that his head was hurting, he put his hand over his face, trying to feel what was going on. He felt some sort of sticky substance where his hand laid. He slowly came to the conclusion that there was an injury where his eyes were, however, it was slowly becoming to subside by placing the hand on his face. He began to listen to the surroundings and noticed a bunch of yelling, but he could only tell that one side wanted his men back. Unfortunately, he didn't know what to do because his sight was no longer there due to a confrontation with Darkwater soldiers.


(Timeframe: 2 hours ago)

(Hiro: 200 Life Points)(Darkwater Member: 3000 Life Points)

Hiro had no cards on the Field, and the Darkwater Member had a Malefic Cyber End Dragon with Skill Drain on the Field. Hiro lost his balance and went down to one knee, slowly catching his breath from losing too many monsters. However, the Darkwater Member attacked with Malefic Cyber End Dragon, causing a massive explosion of Hiro's duel disk, knocking him back first into the ground. However, the Darkwater member smiled as he pulled out a knife at the unconscious Hiro, stabbing his face repeatedly, before walking out of the area.

Endless Void wrote:

(NOTE: In real time, I'm still technically unconscious. So take it as you will. ~Endless Void~)

(Several years ago)

Hiro, (now as a child), was watching through the sorrow, over and over again, as his parents were reported missing. He kept on solemnly to himself, bearing the entire sorrow within himself, as he began to walk into alleyways...finding his way home where no one will even take care of him. He sat down near the alleyway, inside a cardboard box, crying to himself that his parents that he loved are no longer there to support him.


(Sight loss can be temporary or permanent.)
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YGO! Destiny Stories Profile: Hiro Shinsaryu
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