The Shadows Within

Everyone has a dark half. It's just what you do with it that counts.
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 FF: AR Hideki Itsumi

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Hideki Itsumi


Hideki has long very dark purple hair. He appears tp be blind but is not. He has a black ribbon over his eyes, to keep the light out of his eyes. He wears ripped and tattered cloths, that are black and somewhat tight on him. He had differnt colored eyes one of them is bright blue and the other a dark demonic red. His right arm is covered with dark looking armor, a shoulder gurard, dark chainmail laces his arm, a spiked elbow guard, and a gauntlet with sharp edges on the fingers of it. His sword is straped to his back.
FF: AR Hideki Itsumi Darkrai

Class: Custom-Ish
Warrior, Black-Mage, Thief.
A big double edged blade.
Black Magic and his own abilitys.

Hideki was locked away into a dark anceint jail since he was a small boy, for being dangerous. He was always able to use the dark magics but couldnt control it. Before he was locked away, he was a street rat stealing food to get by. With his confindment he honed his dark magics and made his own, as well as his fighting skills. He also grew demented from the confindment and the practice of dark magics. He became to powerful for the jail to hold him, he slaughtered everyone and escaped the jail. He now finds himself in a cave that he was drawn to, that was letting off a strange aroura of power. He doesnt rely on anyone and mostly keeps to himself.
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FF: AR Hideki Itsumi
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