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Everyone has a dark half. It's just what you do with it that counts.
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 Withholding a regret...

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PostSubject: Withholding a regret...   Withholding a regret... I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 31, 2010 2:46 pm

Name: Melody Nightingale
Age: 32 years old

During the war: Melody and Mist were close friends, and she made sure her letters were delivered with hers, by giving her letters to Blaze Blake. But when she found out, she told Mist to escape the Society and live a happy life; however Melody would provide information to Mist via a private channel so that Mist is informed on the Society's whereabouts.

To this day: Melody is a Society member, but keeps a private channel open to Mist, providing her with enough information on the Society so Mist can know what they are up to at any time.

General Information: Melody is typical shy to new people that wanted to hang around her (This does not include her duty as a Society member, since she has to train new recruits.), but cherishes Mist's friendship a lot. She was hired into the Society as a tactition, so new members can be recruited and serve under their respectful bosses. As of late, however, instead of doing that duty, she found enough information so Mist can infiltrate the Society. She enjoys reading and learning, after all she learned about reading and maintaining her knowledge from Mist.

First Deck: Enchanting Melody
Second Deck: Mechanical Symphony

Withholding a regret... Melody
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Withholding a regret...
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