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 A heart trapped in Ice

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PostSubject: A heart trapped in Ice   Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:48 pm

(Don't mind the title lol, it was just for fun) Anyways, I wanted to join the RP, I hope you guys don't mind, I promise not to mess anything up ^.^;;

Name: Echo Matsumoto
Age: 16
Appearance: (The face is a bit softer though)
Bio: His brother, whom he adored, being killed for opposing the Society 10 years ago, his mother went into a depression leaving him to pretty much support and raise himself. Echo hated the society, everything about it, though he was never able to oppose it due to him being alone. He is now a regular student, advanced and at the top of his class. He dosn't have many friends and often gets embarassed when people mistake him for a girl due to his appearence. His life seems normal, but he still wishes for the day that he can finally fight against the Society and get revenge for his brother.
Deck Type: Echo uses an Ice deck that is based around locking an opponents movements.

Echo: "I've had enough of crying and waiting for someone to save me! Now it's my turn to fight! And bro.. You can have my back..."

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Endless Void

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PostSubject: Re: A heart trapped in Ice   Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:59 pm

All right, you can Role-Play in the S. Revolt. (Unless anyone disagrees..)
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PostSubject: Re: A heart trapped in Ice   Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:08 am

Cards used so far:


Frost Angel:
Attribute: Water
Level: 3
Type: Fairy
Atk: 500 Def: 1800
Effect: While this card is face up on on the field, all monsters with "Frost Counters" on them may not activate their effects.

Frost Sorcerer:
Attribute: Water
Level: 4
Type: Spellcasrer
Atk: 1800 Def: 1200
Effect: Once per turn you can place one "frost counter" on one card on the field. This card gains 200 atk points for every "Frost Counter" on the field. When this card attacks, it cannot attack during the controllers next battle phase.

Frost Pixie:
Attribute: Water
Level: 2
Type: Fairy
Atk: 200 Def: 300
Effect: When this card is summoned, you may add 1 "Prayer In Ice" magic card or a monster that contains "Frost Goddess" in its name to your hand.

Frost Goddess - Boreas:
Attribute: Water
Level: 6
Type: Fairy
Atk: 2400 Def: 2000
Effect: When this card is summoned, all cards on your opponents side of the field gain 1 "Frost Counter."
Once per turn, you may negate the effect of one card on the field with frost counters on it. When this card is destroyed, you may return 1 "Prayer In Ice" magic card from your graveyard to your hand.
Chant: "Soul striving in search of a loved one.. Your prayers heard, and your heart is reborn! Ritual Summon! Resonate! Frost Goddess - Boreas!!!"


Prayer In Ice:
Ritual Magic Card
Effect: This card is used to Ritual Summon a monster with "Frost Goddess" in its name. You must sacrifice monsters from your hand and(or) field with a combined level that is equal to or more than the level of the monster being Ritual Summoned.

Ice Armor:
Equip Magic Card
Effect: This card can only be equipped to a WATER monster. A monster equipped with this card cannot be targetted by card effects during the Battle Phase.

Frost Joke:
Counter Trap Card
Effect: When your opponent activates a card effect the destroys a card(s) on the field, negate the effect of that card and place 1 "Frost Counter" on 1 card on the field.

Freezing of God
Trap Card
When you control 2 or more Water Attribute monsters, your opponent's monsters cannot activate any effects.

Frost Ballad
Trap Card
Effect: When an opponents monster declares an attack on a monster you control, change that attack to a direct attack on your Life Points, then, the monster that would have been origionally attacked performs an attack on your opponents Life Points. For each multiple of 1000 Life Points dealt in damage from your direct attack, place 1 "Frost counter" on a card on the field.
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PostSubject: Re: A heart trapped in Ice   

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A heart trapped in Ice
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