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PLEASE READ: If you notice me posting in your Beyond Character Bio, I'm just stating some thoughts for you to consider when you do Act I. ~ Ryu Kuze

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 FF AR Profile - Shadow Beserker - Tanaka Yoshisane

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PostSubject: FF AR Profile - Shadow Beserker - Tanaka Yoshisane   Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:38 pm

Name: Tanaka Yoshisane
Age: 18

Character Class: Ninja
Weapons: Claws and Kunai
Abilities: Darkness and Poision Manipulation, Ninjutsu
Bio: Tanaka Yoshisane is an apprentice ninja trained by the Kage clan. A prodigy of their dark arts he has fair control over the elements of poison and darkness. He prefers a swift kill method from the shadows and to work alone. He is fairly short and often gets made fun of because of his short stature and lashes back with a quick temper. Whatever he lacks in power he makes up in speed. He'll only do jobs he likes usually involving stealth missions and assassinations no matter what the price.
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FF AR Profile - Shadow Beserker - Tanaka Yoshisane
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