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Everyone has a dark half. It's just what you do with it that counts.
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 Duive's brand new RP profile character.

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Duive's brand new RP profile character. Empty
PostSubject: Duive's brand new RP profile character.   Duive's brand new RP profile character. I_icon_minitimeFri May 28, 2010 2:22 pm

Name: Junpei Makusho
Age: 17
Height: 5, 8
Weight: 156 lbs
Hair: Short, brown hair that slightly upturns on its ends.
Personality: Fights for what he believes in and usually has no reason to distrust people. Very sharp and doesn't lack in backbone. Very resourceful and reliable in a pinch. Also has a strong sense about people and won't turn his back on someone in need.
Description: Wears jeans with a simple T-shirt, and a jacket with the sleeves cut off.

Background: Grew up in the Sattilite and always fought for positive virtues. Although he might act like a thug and a brute, he's actually a genius and spends his free time traveling around the Satallite looking for electronics, venturing the high heap piles and low craters of all of Satallite. He's always had an interest in mechanics, electronics, and machinery in general. Among his years of scouring piles of junk and scraps, Makusho came across the game of Duel Monsters and found friends that also play the game. This game quickly became a form of respect in his part of town and a way of getting around.
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Duive's brand new RP profile character.
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