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 Yu-Gi-Oh! Destiny Stories: Introduction

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PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh! Destiny Stories: Introduction   Fri May 28, 2010 1:33 am

Duel Monsters: A game whose origin is tied to Ancient Egyptian history. The records left by the ancestors of Egypt are obscure, and little can be determined. However, recent documents narrate and depict the spread of Duel Monsters from its homeland of Egypt into the Roman Empire after its annexation. Emperor Augustus had taken a liking to this activity, sponsoring it throughout Rome. He used the vast roads throughout the empire in order to spread the game, and it was made a popular pastime for Roman citizens and beyond. During the collapse of the Roman Empire, however, the game was all but lost in history, until a man by the name of Maximillion Pegasus revived the game. A trip to Egypt later, Pegasus had discovered the lost game, and with his business, Industrial Illusions, resurrected it with the help of the Millenium Items.

Neo Domino City is a bustling city, especially after the unification with Old Domino City, or "Satellite" as it has been dubbed. Duel Runners are a popular technology, used to play what is called Turbo Duels, or in mundane terms: card games on motorcycles. Many people gather at stadiums in order to watch Turbo Duels around the world, particularly in the largest stadium in Neo Domino City. The Kaiba Corporation is responsible for half of what you see in Duel Monsters, including Duel Disks and Duel Runners, as well as many stadiums that sponsor Duel Monsters matches. Duel Academies are also sponsored around the world, particularly in Japan, where the students are trained in Duel Monsters and studies centered around it. Those who graduate from these schools are entered in the Pro Leagues, a circle of talented duelists around the world who duel to be the number one idol of the game.

Concerning Kaiba Corporation - a business that has been unchallenged in its technologies for decades - a new corporation has risen that appears to be competing heavily with KaibaCorp. Its president is known to be a powerful businessman who has many political and economic ties around the world. The business, known as Lightwire, is run by a cabinet of ruthless and powerful businessmen and negotiators who have managed to put Lightwire's fingers into nearly every international political and economic body, including the Duel Monsters market. Its president, Nobuo Baisotei - who is also the founder of Arclight - is the most noteworthy of intense corporate tactics in the company.

However, Arclight has meant substantial resistance and harassment from a vigilante group based in Neo Domino City known as the Vindicators, with their headquarters somewhere in Satellite. This organization of rebels has united under the idea that Duel Monsters is a free sport, and that Arclight is robbing it of its honor, respect, and traditional values. In order to keep the guerilla organization off of their back, Arclight has been seeking aid from mercenary groups. The most highlighted of these is the oppressive and brutal Darkwater Company. If police brutality were ever to be epitomized, then Darkwater would come closest to fitting the bill. Although formed by many professional duelists who participated in international tournaments, these mercenaries are dictatorial and often suppress any disdain for Arclight rather violently. While Arclight does its best to ensure the innocent civilians that this is for their benefit, the Vindicators' bitter rivalry with Darkwater has caused it to come to the assistance of any bystander in need. Often times, if Darkwater mercenaries are harassing an innocent family, you can find the Vindicators there, ready to help. Although the exploits of the Vindicators is often seen by many local communities and dubbed as heroic, their stories are often subject to media censorship.

"The war has only just begun," leader of the Vindicators, Hikaru Saito, once famously replied to one of his lieutenants asking a question, "We cannot place our faith in our next generation, because we are the next generation. We will make revolution happen."

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

This is not the roleplay thread, but rather the introduction to the setting for the roleplay. This thread's existence is for the benefit of the reader(s).

A few notes: Seeking immediate recruitment in the Vindicators or Darkwater isn't always feasible. Although achieving a position in either organization is relatively simple with above average roleplaying abilities, it makes for much better roleplay if we have civilians, as well. Therefore, I will be strict about accepting immediately applicants into any large organization, with the exception of Arclight, where civilians may start off as employees at. I am limiting the amount of available positions in the Vindicators andDarkwater. You may have more than one character, but you may only have one character in the Vindicators and/or Darkwater, unless you happen to have your second character, for example, join either organization later, when you already have a member in it.

Any other terms should be discussed with me by PM or any other contact method that conveniences both you and me. I'll do my best to show lenience, but this is also a fairly strict roleplay. While by no means linear, there will be many linear plot points, so please be prepared. I will do what I can to make this roleplay entertaining for all, and at the same time reasonable and superb.

TO THOSE WHO WERE FORMERLY INVOLVED IN A YU-GI-OH! RP ON THIS FORUM: If you still have a character from the last RP, you do not have to create an entirely new character (though feel free to make one, if you want), but you only have to adjust your character's background accordingly to fit with the new setting.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Destiny Stories: Introduction
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