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 FF: AR - Kama Kupipo

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PostSubject: FF: AR - Kama Kupipo   Tue May 18, 2010 12:46 am

Name: Kama Kupipo

Age: 11

Appearence: As a katakana moogle, she shares the trait of awesome ears and awesome puff-ball. Kinda like this, except with hair. Like, dark brown and long hair that's all tied up and whatnot.

Character Class: Thief and amateur black mage.

Weapon(s): Short Rod

Abilities: Fire - Kama's magical abilities aren't very strong and thus, her fire attack is nothing more than a little spark. However, she uses paper or other burn-able objects and simply tosses it at her opponent's.

Ice - So, with her weak magical abilities, she takes moisture from the air and makes some small ice-pebbles. These are used as a distraction and stuff.

Thunder - Well, um, just a small jolt of electricity. Like, really, really, really low amp.

Steal Item/Gil - So, um, yeah.[/b]

Bio: A Moogle-girl who's out for some fun adventure. She aspires to become part of a clan, but struggles to find one that is cool enough for her. Not to mention the fact that she is still young and inexperienced in a lot of the clan business. She does have parents, but she left home to start on her journey and her parents were all good with that, since they totally did that, too. Someday, she'd return and be a super-awesome Moogle, kupo!
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FF: AR - Kama Kupipo
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