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 FF:AR Cheryl Misora

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PostSubject: FF:AR Cheryl Misora   FF:AR Cheryl Misora I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 12, 2010 12:51 am

Name : Cheryl Misora
Age : 24
Character Class: White mage
Weapon : simple staff
Abilities : yet to be revealed
Bio : Cheryl is a simple town girl that got dragged into Alex Goldman's world of knowledge, she however secretly has a crush on him because of something he did for her when they were younger. When they were young though they were child hood... well friends not the right term for Alex was a social outcast not that he cared.. but eventually Cheryl tried to be friends with Alex, however that never did get far. Well anyways for now she is simply a girl who has a crush on an idiot when it comes to love. She did however start learning magic from Alex deciphering of the old writings and readings of the walls, she never had an affinity or feel for offensive magic, however protective and healing magic she became quite adept at.

Appearance FF:AR Cheryl Misora SpiderGirl
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FF:AR Cheryl Misora
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