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Everyone has a dark half. It's just what you do with it that counts.
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 FF:AR Treasure Hunter Byrin

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PostSubject: FF:AR Treasure Hunter Byrin   FF:AR Treasure Hunter Byrin I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 11, 2010 10:17 pm

Name: Byran Nadir
Age: 24
Appearence: FF:AR Treasure Hunter Byrin Captain_Akithar_Dithanyl_by_NadezhdaVasile
Character Class: Warrior/Thief
Weapon(s): Short Swords
Abilities: Basic attacks and self boosts through cheers or yells.
Bio An adventurer slash treasure hunter seeking to make his name and fortune in the world. Dyne has quite the experience in adventuring, though he seems to be quite knowledgeable about the geography, monsters, politics and so on. However, despite his knowledge, he is sometimes very curt and stubborn, causing other people to take him the wrong way. Whenever he hears rumors of treasures or anything involving a large reward, be sure that he'll jump right on it.
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FF:AR Treasure Hunter Byrin
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