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 Final Fantasy: The Akashic Record Profile: Ilalleer Crystal

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy: The Akashic Record Profile: Ilalleer Crystal   Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:52 pm

Name: Ilalleer Crystal
Age: 20 years old
Character Class: Custom
*Ilalleer is a Scythemaster, since he constantly wields his scythe to protect himself and others.
*Ilalleer knows most or all White Mage healing spells, so he can tend wounds in battle or outside of battle.
*Since, he doesn't know any offensive White Mage spells, he constantly uses Ice Spells to make up for the deficit. Hence, why he's wearing a coat.
Weapon: Silent Frost (If you want to know, it's the scythe in the picture, under Appearance.)
Abilities: Custom (also unknown)
Biography: Since from when he was little, his parents would constantly talk about the Akashic Record. Since he didn't know about that record, he notice that his parents were pushing themselves toward that record. However, since his parents went into Crypt of Unknown Mirages, they became lost and never returned to Illalleer. Since he doesn't want the kids to suffer as he did, he decided to help out near a church and keep the kids company so that the kids don't feel abandoned by adventurers, namely people searching for the Akashic Record.
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Final Fantasy: The Akashic Record Profile: Ilalleer Crystal
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